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Taishan planet thanks to you for 12years business has accompanied all the way

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A2/O Anaerobic-Anoxic-Oxic

Technology introduction A2 / O ,also called A - A - O, is an integration process ( aerobic - anoxic - aerobic process) ,which is the simplest and most widely used technology for denitrification and phosphorus removal.Technical characteristics Anaerobic tank : Raw sewage and phosphorous return sludge from sedimentation tank enter into the reactor simu...

Provide technical support and solutions for enterprises

  • Professional technical team, a leading environmental protection industry

    The company‘s existing 126 staff, including 38 researchers with Bachelor degree or above , 33 with middle or senior title. The main technical backbone of the staff graduated from Tongji university, Zhejiang university, Shandong university and other well-known colleges and universities. The The high quality technical team is established by experts with more than 20 years experience , professors, engineers and other personnel. Ensure that the technical strength and research and development (R &D)ability in the environmental protection industry are in a leading position.
  • Advanced design technology, remarkable treatment effect

    On the basis of the traditional processing technology, the technical team conduct the optimization design for wastewater treatment, the atmosphere control and resource recovery and noise control technology. The technologies have a lot of advantages, such as less occupied area, low construction investment and operation cost, fast installation, high automation, high processing efficiency, simple maintenance and management, etc. They have a remarkable effect and can completely satisfy the requirements of customers.
  • Perfect service system, easy operation and management

    The company has a perfect service system, taking the customer as the center, providing customers with technical support, guidance and training in project design, equipment procurement, installation, commissioning, initial operation, and the overall operation of treatment system. and so on each link for, for customers to make practical and feasible operating procedures and maintenance to ensure providing easy operation and management for customer.

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About us


As a professional environmental protection enterprises, Taian planet environmental protection technology co., ltd.  is an integrated enterprise with equipment research and development, production, sales, engineering design, installation, operation and maintenance, engaging in environmental protection and energy saving transformation.

The core business are: atmospheric sulfur removal and denitration, covering power, heat supply, petrochemical, chemical, steel, coking, building materials, paper making, textile, food and other fields; Sewage disposal and resource recovery, including municipal wastewater, mine water, printing and dyeing wastewater, papermaking wastewater, food wastewater, fruit and vegetable processing wastewater, slaughter wastewater, starch wastewater, steel rolling wastewater, hospital wastewater, domestic wastewater and chemical wastewater treatment; Noise pollution control. 

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